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We are here to listen

We listen and understand the nature and depth of your problems to try and rectify any problems. (Read more) We pay close attention to your feedback. You can always drop us a review and our teams hold discussions to find the solutions for you as soon as possible.

Our services are unparalleled

We provide services which are unique in the industry.

If you are unable to come to us, we come to you

We are mobile, providing home visits for trial and fitting of hearing aids.

As an organization we are driven by information technology (IT)

This enables us to capture complete customer profile; our data analytics will help choose and propose the best offering either on services or on products from time to time as needed by the customer.

CRM based professional customer care

Every detail of service you have received is documented on sophisticated software so that information is not lost in a maze, which helps us provide personalized services in the future, even years after purchase.

You can choose from our range of service packages:

  • Pick up and drop of hearing aids
  • Insurance of hearing aids 
  • Stand by hearing aids
    These service packages are available as Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC*) at the time of purchase .

As technology evolves, so do we

Tele-therapy services and remote fine tuning/ programming services

We have tele-therapy services and remote fine tuning services available if you are unable to come to us.

Highly user friendly smartphone app

We have our very own highly user friendly smartphone app to help you with reminders for general services, troubleshooting of hearing aids and general information regarding maintenance and hearing health. You can also schedule an appointment either for a home visit or a visit to one of our centres.

reports are in digital format

All our reports are in digital format which can be downloaded anywhere to any device. Print outs can be taken on a need basis, thereby we help the ecology to sustain.