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We, City Hearing Aids (CHA), are one of the fastest growing premier chains of speech and hearing centres in Karnataka. Our story began in 2015, when the company was founded by Chief Audiologist Dr. Praveen Chowthi in a little corner in South Bangalore. Initially only providing hearing services to customers in Banashankari, we have now expanded to many parts in Bangalore and other locations in Karnataka as well.

We have been learning and evolving from our very inception, growing our customers’ experience from Satisfaction to Happiness, and towards Delight.

As the world experiences changes, sometimes for the better or the worse, we at CHA, hope that we continue to learn and evolve in order to, to put it simply, make lives better, whether it is within our walls or outside them.

Who we are

Our Chief Audiologist and Director, Dr. Praveen Chowthi has 15 years’ of research, academic and clinical experience in the field of audiology and speech language pathology. He has a doctorate from NIMHANS and has experience working in India and abroad. Dr. Praveen Chowthi, BASLP, MASLP, PhD-NIMHANS.

We have a team of qualified professionals comprising of audiologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and special educators who have experience dealing with all age groups from infants to senior citizens. Our support staff are also trained to handle all age groups with care and to help you with all your queries and needs.

Your Hearing

Do you find it difficult in understanding those around you?
Do you find it difficult to hear people speaking from a distance?
Do you feel helpless in noisy situations?
Do you feel you are withdrawing from social situations?
Do you find it difficult listening to the TV?
Do you find it difficult to hold a conversation over the phone?

We believe hearing is not a luxury only meant for selected people but a necessity for all people.
If you are facing difficulty in any of the above situations, contacts us and schedule an appointment so our audiologists can work with you to help you understand your hearing and help you hear the sounds you have been missing out on. What can you expect with a hearing consultation?
  • Case history – Our audiologist will take a detailed case history of you and your hearing. It will take approximately five minutes.
  • Visual examination of ear – Your ear will be examined with an otoscope to observe your ear canal and ear drum.
  • Testing – Testing will be carried out with respect to your case history. This will take approximately 15 minutes, depending on the test carried out.
  • Counselling along with on-person hearing aid demo – You will be counseled regarding your hearing, the solutions, and if required, a hearing aid demonstration showing you the benefits and features. This will take approximately 30 minutes.