Best Hearing Aids in Bangalore

Hearing Aids

Best Hearing Aids in Bangalore

Hearing aids contain a tiny computer cgip that is programmed by the audiologist to accurately fit to the individuals’ hearing needs. The computer programming is based on research from the field of audiology and is designed to amplify the important sounds around you. The combination of high and low pitches, at soft and loud levels, is continuously analyzed and adjusted.

Different styles

BTE: Behind The Ear type. They use a separate ear piece called ear mould or a thin sound tube with soft silicone ear piece to direct sound into the ear canal. Custom hearing aids: These one will come in several subcategories like IIC(Invisible in the ear), CIC (Completely in the canal) or ITC (In the ear). Size and shape of the ear and degree of hearing loss will determine which style and size is the best. CHA audiologist will make an impression of your ear using soft material. This impression will be used to build you hearing aids.

RIE (Receiver In The Ear) hearing aids are a hybrid type. The main components of the system sits behind the ear and the receiver (speaker) sits in the ear canal. Rechargeable hearing aid: These are generally RIE or power BTE hearing aid which can be charged by using regular electric supply. These hearing aids will run through lithium ion batteries and the charge can last upto 10 days. Wireless hearing aid: These hearing aids can be connected to TV, phone or mic and enhance clarity from these devices. These devices will also work as assistive listening devices in certain situations. Generally can be accessed and controlled through mobile apps. Hearing aid accessories:
TV connector
Phone connector