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A child needs speech therapy if:
  • People find it difficult to understand what child says
  • Child struggles in uttering words or translating thoughts into words
  • The child’s speech is disturbed with stuttering, repetition, prolongation, and blocks.
  • Child has not developed on social skills like making friends, having direct contact, learning play skills, and engaging with others.
  • Child lacks pragmatic language skills or the process of using language aptly in social scenarios to have a conversation, make new friends or simple requests to someone.
  • A child may also need speech therapy due to disabilities, or medical conditions like autism or hearing impairment as they affect the ability to communicate.

Normal development chart:

0-2 months
o Watches the speakers face
o Cries are differentiated by needs
o Coos with vowel like sounds
3-6 months
o Localizes to sound
o Coos with intonation
o Vocalizes to others
6-9 months
o Responds to name
o Recognises names of family members
o Responds to simple commands accompanied by gestures
o Used gesture for communication(Pointing, reaching, waving)
o Imitates action(as in peekaboo)
o Babbles using early developmental consonants (b,m,w,d,n,g)
10-12 months
o Begins to point to some body parts following a command
o Follows simple, one-part commands(ie get your shoe)
o Gives objects to others on verbal request
o Jargons with different sound combinations
o Begins to use first words
12-18 months
o Identifies many objects and pictures following a verbal command
o Follows commands easily
o Listens more to the meaning of the conversations
o Uses several single words
o Communicates with a combination of words and gestures
18 -24 months
o Understand concepts(adjectives, pronouns, plurals)
o Follows compound and complex commands
o Uses two to three word combinations
o Tries to tell about experiences
o Begins to use more speech sounds such as fricatives(f,s,sh)
2-3 years
o Shows interest in explanations for ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions
o Uses phrases and short sentences for communication
o Begins to use more complex morphological and syntactical forms
3-4 years
o Uses long and structurally complex sentences
o Tells stories and relates experiences from the past
o Has errors in Syntax (grammar), such as regularization of irregular forms (ie. ‘Feets’)
o Has speech that’s is understandable to all listeners, although minor errors are noted

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